Crypto Trading Bot for your non-tech Friends

Airbag is a crypto trading bot that optimizes for returns/risk ratio, oriented to stability and loss mitigation.

Easy to use, start by connecting with Binance in 2 minutes.

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Crypto Trading Bot for your non-tech Friends

A crypto bot for non-traders

Crypto trading is difficult, and takes a lot of time, with hundreds of news every day, and a highly volatile market. But most people have better things to do than waking up at night to check their orders or learn how to install a github trading bot, create a winning strategy(which won't be easy even for experts), back-test it, and run it themselves.

We aim to become the trading bot you will recommend to those friends and family, for the simplicity and consistency.
But we also aim to become the bot you will want to use for yourself, for the return/risk performance.

Bot performance against Bitcoin

Trading Strategy and Performance

Airbag uses several real-time indicators to predict trends and volatility, analyzing more than 200 million events per day. The different indicators conform our "bot trading skills".

We then use Deep Learning to decide the relevance of the different skills at any given time. As an example, a moving average indicator might suggest "buy", while another suggests "sell". The AI will choose what is most appropriate.

In Modern Portfolio Theory, each of our "bot trading skills" is considered an independent asset with an expected return and volatility. Airbag combines those (and growing) bot skills into the most efficient portfolio.

Return/Risk Crypto Bot Graph

Under Management

Avg. Sharpe Ratio in the last 30 days

How does it work?

1. Airbag Crypto Trading Bot Setup Step 1

Click the Play button, no need for complex configurations

2. Binance integration into Airbag Crypto Bot

Airbag only manages funds within Binance (you will need an account).
Create a Binance trading API Key as explained in this video, and input into your Airbag account.

3. Return and Risk stats against Bitcoin

Airbag will start to trade the funds you hold on Binance. You can check statistics and compare last trades to see how it is doing. Then you can just relax while you let it run.

Airbag currently trades BTC and USDC. Other cryptocurrencies will be added in due time.
If you hold funds of other cryptocurrencies in your Binance account, those funds will remain untouched.

Differentiation to other bots

Simple Crypto Trading Bot

Focus on simplicity for users of all levels

Optimize Returns and Risk

Focus on Return/Risk, not just returns at any risk

Unique crypto trading strategy

A single well researched bot that just works, rather than a platform of unprofitable bots

Crypto Market Adapting Strategy

A trading strategy that adapts to the market, rather than a fixed strategy


During our Early Access launch as of 2019 our service is FREE

In the future we might charge a small fee. Early Access users will then benefit from 20% discount for ever.

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